"Your tears taste so sweet.."

Krapazeno is an alien from the planet Krappa

Appearance: She looks like a very attractive young human female. She wears a very long pancho like robe thingy. Her skin is a healthy brown tan. Her eyes are a lavender color. Her voice is squeeky cus her vocal chords aren't accustomed to earth's atmosphere. Her hair is also lavender and past her waist almost touching her feet.

Personality: She is very very hyper all the time and likes to touch people in weird manners cus her customs from her alien race are different than humans. When she gets angry she will kick the crud out of whatever made her angry. She also licks instead if kissing people.

Abilities: She can make the the space around her rise in temperature up to 122,000° F. She can also reduce the gravity of everything in the space around her.

Story: Krapazeno was dropped on earth to spy on the human species there. Her race want's to implant a device that will turn all the emotional energy of humans into destructive energy for them. Her objective was to find a perfect location for the device to be placed by studying the humans.